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Tianhe-I was developed by the Chinese National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) in Changsha, Hunan. It was first revealed to the public on 29 October 2009, and was immediately ranked as the world's fifth fastest supercomputer in the TOP500 list released at the 2009 Supercomputing Conference (SC09) held in Portland, Oregon, on 16 November 2009. Tianhe achieved a speed of 563 teraflops in its first Top 500 test and had a peak performance of 1.2 petaflops. Thus at startup, the system had an efficiency of 46%.[7][8]

Originally, Tianhe-I was powered by 4,096 Intel Xeon E5540 processors and 1,024 Intel Xeon E5450 processors, with 5,120 AMD GPUs which were made up of 2,560 dual-GPU ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2[not in citation given] graphics cards.[9] After the upgrade, it is equipped with 14,336 Xeon X5670 processors and 7,168 Nvidia Tesla M2050 general purpose GPUs. 2048 NUDT FT1000 heterogeneous processors are also installed in the system, but their computing power were not counted into the machine's official Linpack statistics as of October 2010.[10]

TH-1 runs an operating system based on the Linux kernel,[11] most likely Red Flag Linux.[12]

The supercomputer is installed at the National Super Computer Center, Tianjin, and is used to carry out computations for petroleum exploration and aircraft simulation.[8]

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