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Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin (Russian: Ви́ктор Степа́нович Черномы́рдин, IPA: [t͡ɕɪrnɐˈmɨrdʲɪn]; 9 April 1938 – 3 November 2010)[1] was the founder and the first chairman of the Gazprom energy company, the longest serving Prime Minister of Russia (1992–1998) and Acting President of Russia for a day in 1996. He was a key figure in Russian politics in the 1990s, and a great contributor to the Russian transition from a planned to a market economy. From 2001 to 2009, he was Russia's ambassador to Ukraine. After that he was designated as a presidential adviser.[2]

Chernomyrdin is known in Russia and Russian-speaking countries for his unique language style, containing numerous malapropisms and syntactic errors.[3] Many of his sayings became aphorisms and idioms in the Russian language, the most famous being his expression "We meant to do better, but it came out as always" (Russian: Хотели как лучше, а получилось как всегда).[4]

Viktor Chernomyrdin died on the morning of 3 November 2010[1] after a long illness.[5][6] He was buried beside his wife in Novodevichy Cemetery on 5 November 2010,[7] and his funeral was broadcast live on Russian federal TV channels.[5]

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