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The term Vermont Republic has been used by later historians[1] to describe the area that became the state of Vermont from 1777 to 1791. In July 1777 delegates from 28 towns met and declared independence from jurisdictions and land claims of British colonies in New Hampshire and New York. Because of vehement objections from New York which had conflicting property claims, the Continental Congress declined to recognize Vermont, then called the New Hampshire grants. Overtures by Ethan Allen to join Quebec failed. In 1791 Vermont was admitted to the United States as the fourteenth state. It called itself "State of Vermont". The name "Vermont Republic" was invented in the 20th century.

The people of Vermont thought of themselves as part of the American Revolution and considered themselves Americans, even if Congress was unable to recognize the existence of Vermont so long as the state of New York claimed the land.[2]

Vermont did not send or receive diplomats, but it did coin a currency called Vermont coppers from a mint operated by Reuben Harmon in East Rupert (1785–1788),[3] and operated a postal system. While the Vermont coppers bore the legend "Vermontis. Res. Publica" (Res publica meaning in Latin Republic, but also state), the constitution and other official documents used the term "State of Vermont". It referred to its chief executive as a "governor".

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