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khách Monkman Provincial Park

Bài gửi by ronaldjjjnooo on 14/11/10, 11:43 pm

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Monkman Provincial Park was named after Alexander Monkman, an individual who expended a considerable amount of effort attempting to build a transportation route from the Peace River (Canada) farming country down to the Pacific ports. In 1922, he and a group of fur trappers discovered what is now known as Monkman Pass. It was this pass that provided him with his vision for a railroad as a direct and economical route south. Failing to get government support for his venture, Monkman focused on the alternative—building a highway. The Monkman Pass Highway Association was formed in 1936, and over the next three years, many determined volunteers laboured to blaze this new trail. Limited funding, harsh conditions, and the outbreak of the Second World War eventually brought the project to a halt. A railway was later built to the northwest over the Pine Pass, and Monkman’s "highway" slowly faded into historical obscurity. Today, only a few sections are visible along the Monkman Lake Trail, a route that follows parts of the original road. The Brooks Falls in Monkman Provincial Park, was named after Carl Brooks, one of the volunteers who worked along with Alex Monkman and the Highway Association. A cairn marking overlooking the falls has been placed in his honour.

Up until a few years ago, just getting to Monkman was as big an adventure as exploring the park itself. Washed out Forest Service roads with nearly a dozen creek crossings kept access limited to four-wheel-drive vehicles, and only at certain times of the year. Though still fairly rough, the gravel road has been upgraded and bridges have been built, opening up the park to almost all vehicles.

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